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Cine a spus adevarul despre Iulian Vlad?: Vladimir Tismaneanu sau Silviu Brucan (II)

It is hardly accidental that when Vladimir Tismaneanu recycles his essays about Silviu Brucan that he steadfastly avoids addressing the following.  Why?  Because reality is a lot more messy than partisan diatribes.  I encourage readers instead to actually check it out and see what Tismaneanu does not address:

Radu Ioanid, Gheorghe Campeanu, and Mircea Raceanu discussing at the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2009:

Rather than read what Tismaneanu claims (or rather ignores) Brucan said about the Securitate in 1990-1991, here you can read for yourself:



Sergiu Andon cu Silviu Brucan, “Cine au fost teroristii?” Adevarul, 21 decembrie 1990 (xerox, Indiana University Main Library, Bloomington IN)…for an English translation, see pp. 29-30:

“Securitatea este problema nerezolvata a Revolutiei din Romania.  Am spus-s si alta data, fara prea mare efect…”

Silviu Brucan, “Cine si de ce nu vrea ,sa-l supere pe Generalul Vlad'” Adevarul, 29 ianuarie 1991.



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