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A Catch-22 December 1989, Groundhog-Day Production. Presenting the Personal Research & Scholarship of Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D.

Marius Stan’s PLAGIARISM and the Scourge of Patron-Client Relations among Romanian Intellectuals (II)

(purely personal views as always, based on three decades of researching the Romanian Revolution of December 1989)

A few hours after Tismaneanu’s first PUBLIC FB post (discussed in episode I), he returned with an allusive post, which is less clear, but about which I tend to think (given the post a few hours earlier) that I was the intended target

Vladimir Tismaneanu  · Poate exista o gratie a imbatranirii. Unii stiu sa o cultive, altii raman indatorati, sub specie aeternitatis, unor mistuitoare complexe, resentimente si invidii. Nu e vina nimanui ca si-au ratat sansa de a transcende anonimatul final. Ca au lovit, uneori sau mereu, cu stangul. At the end of the day, infamia chiar nu renteaza. Nu il poate salva pe infam de groapa uitarii. Care, in multe cazuri, incepe din timpul vietii…

Perhaps there exists a grace of aging. Some know how to cultivate, others remain subject, for eternity, to searing complexes, resentments, and jealousies. It isn’t the fault of anyone that they failed their chance to transcend final anonymity. Because they punched, sometimes or always with their left. At the end of the day, infamy does not really pay off. You cannot save the infamous from the pit of oblivion. As, in so many cases, it starts during the time one is alive…

Remember here what is at issue and what started Tismaneanu’s FB fusillades…my provable accusation–and publicly acknowledged by the editors at New Eastern Europe–of Tismaneanu’s client, mentee, and occassional co-author, Marius Stan (for more details see part I). Who Tismaneanu believes I am–not Marius Stan’s plagiarism–thus quickly has become his subject of interest. Nowhere in here does Tismaneanu begin to realize or acknowledge that what is in dispute here is a matter of SUBSTANCE. Instead, the eternal denouncer of personal attacks against himself, makes it all personal here. It is all about complexes, resentments, and jealousies (once again, convenient othering). Tismaneanu also clearly gives a window into his own thinking…declaring that I cannot transcend final anonymity, that I am infamous, and thus will be forgotten in “the pit of oblivion” (here we have Tismaneanu’s version of Dante’s Inferno, with him pronouncing what History with a big H, what the Future with a big F, will determine…it is not for nothing that among the many former supporters and friends of Vladimir Tismaneanu, the Hungarian intellectual and former anti-communist dissident Tamas Gaspar Miklos “TGM” has castigated Tismaneanu as playing the role of “grand inquisitor” of East European communism, and that Ceausescu era dissident and poet Dorin Tudoran has explicitly referred to him as Torquemada,

Here’s a wager, Professor Tismaneanu: whose research on the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 is likely to be remembered better (even if my name won’t be…)? Because as the following declassified TOP SECRET CIA document details–and which you have refused to address, continuing instead to recycle the same un-researched, tendentious speculation masquerading as flowing prose that you have reprinted since 1990-1991, as if by writing it and repeating it so often…that made it so…–I have been right for 25+ years (see especially my publications of 1996, 1999, and 2000, and my PhD Dissertation from early 1997…all before I joined CIA in 2000) and you have been wrong for over three decades. But yeah, it is all about “complexes, resentments, and jealousies,” right?…try research, substance, and truth for a change…

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ROMANIA:  CIA National Intelligence Daily 28 December 1989 (declassified from Top Secret and Released to the public on 10 December 2019,

Romania:  New Regime Consolidating Security

The government continues to make limited progress in eliminating the threat from Securitate diehards, but Romanians are increasingly skeptical of Communist dominance of the new government.

On Tuesday [26 December 1989], the new government put internal security forces and border guards under the Defense Ministry and set a new deadline for the Securitate troops to surrender.  The government is also calling on civilians to turn in all arms issued to defeat Nicolae Ceausescu.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Information not declassified for protection of sources and methods xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nearly half of an estimated 200 Securitate members in Timisoara were dead, captured, or had escaped.  xxxx Classification not declassified xxxx

(to be continued)

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