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“Yalta-Malta” and December 1989: Some Discussion found Online (Lucian Boia, Scott L. Malcomson, etc.)

History and Myth in Romanian Consciousness


Lucian Boia

Chapter five. The Romanians and the Others

As everything is connected, and the imaginary is surprisingly logical, Yalta has its antithetical counterpart (which even rhymes) in Malta. The 1989 Bush-Gorbachev meeting on the little Mediterranean island is said to have put an end, by means of a new plot, to half a century of communism and Soviet domination in Central Europe. The disintegration of a system which was no longer able to function, and the revolutionary wave of anti-communist movements, seem to count for all too little in face of the archetypal force of the conspiracy myth. The history of the last half century is reduced to two meetings and resumed in the easily remembered catchphrase “Yalta—Malta”.27

Empire’s Edge: Travels in South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia
Book by Scott L. Malcomson (Verso, 1995)’s%20edge%20yalta%20malta&f=false

This passage really entertained me…page 47

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Others who have made mention of the “Yalta Malta” theory in Romanian historiography include Steve Roper and C. Tanasoiu.

for a recent discussion in Romanian, see Stelian Tanase:


Below, links to some of my earlier discussions on the topic:

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