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Roumanie : révolution manipulation (1990): (I. Why Dan Voinea dressed in civilian clothes in December 1989)

Broadcast 17 May 1990. It appears it was filmed sometime mid-April to early May 1990 in Romania.

Roumanie : révolution manipulation – reportage (Histoire) émission “Envoyé spécial” (1990)

From approximately min 7:45, military prosecutor Dan Voinea is filmed in civilian clothes at the trial and execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu on 25 December 1989. At approx. min 8:30, while showing the civilian clothes he wore to the French journalists and cameraman, he admits that “I dressed in civilian clothes because during this revolution they were shooting at soldiers, so I preferred to dress in civilian clothes.”

This is an absolutely startling statement, coming from someone who for so many years has been the face of the military prosecutors’ accusation that, as Dan Voinea himself has said many times, no actual terrorists existed…it was all a diversion, all those with arms shot into each other in the total chaos and confusion of the moment…it was all “friendly fire”…So, therefore, it would appear, Dan Voinea had incredible intuition, an intuition not shared by so many of the military officers seated around the tables at the trial of the Ceausescus. How or why did he know that military soldiers were targets, that it was somehow more dangerous to be dressed in a military uniform. Was he that observant, or, did he perhaps know or suspect something the others did not? Because it is indeed true that many soldiers were shot, targeted in December 1989, wounded or killed. The “mystery” deepens even more when you consider some of the links below, which show Dan Voinea showing up at the CC Building on 22 December, and in the afternoon–when he was saying exactly what Corneliu Pircalabescu and Ilie Ceausescu were telling the military commander in Sibiu, Surrender! to those firing on them–already, dressed in civilian clothes. So, once again, if there were no terrorists, and everybody was just shooting into everyone else by accident, then why take the step to avoid being dressed in his military uniform? [I can only figure that Dan Voinea said what he said, admitted as much in April-May 1990, because at that time the “terrorists” remained a reality…the Great Amnesia was only starting to kick in…)

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