The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989

A Catch-22 December 1989, Groundhog-Day Production. Presenting the Personal Research & Scholarship of Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D.

Democratia (9/1990): Ofiteri ai fostei securitati (Directia a V-A), “Asa va place revolutia? Asa a fost!”

So many of the themes–promoted by Alex Mihai Stoenescu, Larry Watts, and Grigore Cartianu among many others, and accepted as fact by so many other Romanians across the political spectrum–can be found in the following article from revista Democratia (nr. 36, 24-30 September 1990), a publication whose editor was Eugen Florescu, Nicolae Ceausescu’s chief ideologue:  1) the role of tourists (although in this version they are both Hungarian and Soviet); 2) the complete innocence of the Securitate, especially Dir. V-a personnel, who were set up and had nothing to do with the repression, bloodshed, and terrorism; 3) General Militaru intentionally killing USLA Col. Gheorghe Trosca by setting up an ambush at M.Ap.N. etc.  These weren’t the first time some of these themes seeped into the Romanian mass media in 1990, but this was perhaps the first direct expression of the themes together in which the source was openly identified as coming from the former Securitate.  This xerox is from fall 1990 (Indiana University Bloomington).  I never found out why, but either because IU’s Main Library staff did not have control over what exactly they received from Romania, or perhaps because titles were chosen with little knowledge of the publications, somehow the library received some of the publications most directly associated with former Nicolae Ceausescu acolytes and the former Securitate:  Democratia (ed. Eugen Florescu), Europa (ed. Ilie Neacsu), Zig-Zag (ed. Ion Cristoiu, then Adrian Paunescu).

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