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5 Cases from English-language Press in 1990 on Dum-Dum Bullets in the Romanian Revolution

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  1. Five Romanians wounded in pro-democracy demonstrations in Bucharest and Timisoara arrived in Marseille, France, Wednesday for treatment of wounds received from dum-dum bullets, a particularly lethal bullet that explodes on impact and which is outlawed under international rules of war.  The five arrived aboard a French Air Force plane and were hospitalized.  Dr. Richard Domergue, a health service official, said the four men and a woman ages 20 to 35 were “hit by dum-dum bullets provoking large wounds and are suffering from serious functional problems but nothing life-threatening.”  Dum-dum bullets were outlawed at a laws of war convention at The Hague, Netherlands.  Domergue said they apparently were shot by Securitate secret police.” (Joby Warrick, United Press International, 11 January 1990, The Indianapolis Star, p. 3)



2) FBIS-EEU-90-006 9 January 1990 “Army Combs Timisoara Region for Securitate” Agence France Presse 9 January 1990, pp. 61-62

According to the journalist, the Army’s suspicions were confirmed when it found a cache of dum-dum bullets, exclusively used by the Securitate, at the home of the head of the agricultural cooperative at Topolovatu Mare, Ioan Josu [former member of the Communist Party Central Committee].


3) “The Dutch Nurse, Sister Roza, thinks Mr. Beres, who was shot in the foot on the night of 22 December 1989 in Brasov, was hit by a hollow-nosed dum dum bullet because of the nature of the wound.” (Harvey Morris, “When the workers of Romania said no,” The Independent (London), 13 January 1990)




4) “The terrorists fired with dum-dums. If you know what that is, you can figure out for yourselves how the wounded looked.” (18 yr. old Romanian student Sebastian Sasu from Cluj, in a 13 January 1990 letter published in the Mattoon Journal Gazette (Mattoon, Illinois) under the title “Teen tells of terror, triumph,” on 2 February 1990,

CIUNGAN Florin, născut în 9.02.1965, vânzător, a fost ucis în noaptea de 23/24 decembrie 1989, la Bucureşti.

100. Ciungan Florin (Comitetul Central-Vol. 19) – decedat
Numitul Ciungan Florin, fiul lui Aurel şi Maria, ns. la 09.02.1965, cu ultimul domiciliu în Bucureşti (…) a fost împuşcat mortal în ziua de 24.12.1989, în timp ce se afla în zona fostului sediu al Comitetului Central al P.C.R.




6) Nicoleta Oprea “An explosive bullet had torn through his leg.”  (John R. O’Neill, “Romanian’s letter changes her life,” Indianapolis Star, 7 July 1991.)




7) Originally from the Washington Post, Blaine Harden:  “At Bucharest’s main emergency hospital, doctors said Securitate snipers, apparently using infrared telescopic sights and exploding dum-dum bullets, had been firing throughout Saturday night and that they shot many civilians, with bullets striking foreheads and hearts.”  (Blaine Harden, 25 December 1989)


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