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A Catch-22 December 1989, Groundhog-Day Production. Presenting the Personal Research & Scholarship of Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D.

Contrast (Constanta) 1990-1991 despre decembrie 1989

Unfortunately, I was rushed for time back in July 2014 in Romania and did not get around to making xeroxes I had planned to make from Contrast (Constanta), with the exception of the ones below about the revolutionary Rebeca Doina Cercel.  I refound my notes recently and will put some of the more interesting quotes/things I found from that publication, meant to xerox, but did not (apologies for the fragmentary and incomplete, mixed language character of the entries) below.

nr. 2 (februarie? 1990) p. 2  “Uprising” sau “Revolution”, Bogdan Ionescu

It took 15 minutes for the Libyan Ambassador to deny the involvement of Libyan troops.  40 de studenti din I.M.G. depun marturie.

Nu cumva se simteau acesti libieni cu musca pe caciula?

nr. 26 (20-26 septembrie 1990) pp. 4-5 “Martursurile unui fost luptator din CC”
Adrian Donea, taximetrist

Only 100 of the 386 people who entered Corpul B of the CC on 22 December survived till the 29th

“Usisi de automate de buzunar, fara recul, pusti cu dispozitive de vedere in infrarosu, revolvere Beretta.”

Most of victims were civilians.  Among military, mostly soldiers, not officers.

First shots on the 22nd were fired from the Securitate’s Directorate V-a building.


nr. 30 (18-24 octombrie 1990), p. 5 Metin Cerchez about Cpt. Dumitrescu (Militie) in combinezon negru.


nr. 37 (6-13 decembrie 1990), p. 6

De ce Domnule Procuror? (Dl. Proc. Sef Petre)

Asociatia Ranitilor si Urmasilor celor decedati in Revolutia din Decembrie

Pres. Aurel RIZEA

Constanta 22 dead, 38 injured

“Cei ucisi in Tomis Nord incercind sa retina terorisit ce trageau dintr-un apartament, cei impuscati la miezul noptii la intrarea in Constanta cu gloante explozive, sint pentru dumneavoastra simple accidente?!”



Rebeca Doina Cercel (revolutionar, CC PCR, decembrie 1989): “Erau intr-adevar dosare pe care era scris ‘strict secret’ si in care am vazut ca erau mentionate bazele de antrenament ‘antiterorist’ ale libienilor de la noi din tara–situate in zona Brasovului”

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(purely personal views as always, based on two decades of prior research and publications)

Rebeca Doina Cercel cu Traian Calin Uba, “1.500.000 dolari–C.C.–Emanatii ‘Revolutiei’” Contrast (Constanta), nr. 9 (49) 8-14 martie 1991, pp. 4-5.


Rebeca Doina Cercel cu Traian Calin Uba, “1.500.000 dolari–C.C.–Emanatii ‘Revolutiei’” Contrast (Constanta), nr. 9 (49) 8-14 martie 1991, pp. 4-5.





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