The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989

A Catch-22 December 1989, Groundhog-Day Production. Presenting the Personal Research & Scholarship of Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D.

Why does Dan Voinea deny the terrorists’ existence?…because in 1989 he personally released some of them!

(purely personal views, based on two decades of prior research and publications)

The claims of former Military Prosecutor General Dan Voinea serve as the basis for the portrayal of the events of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 in the “Final Report” of the so-called Tismaneanu commission (  Below, some of Voinea’s lesser known–and ignored by his unquestioning supporters–“exploits” in December 1989.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that Dan Voinea has not “discovered” the “terrorists” of December 1989 in his investigations of the Revolution…because even in December 1989, while the events were unfolding, and when he had to investigate those arrested as “terrorists”…he released them!

Viorel Ene, President of the Association of the Victims of the Mineriade, on Dan Voinea:

De ce credeţi că a „îngropat” procurorul Voinea „Dosarul Mineriadei”?

Domnule, eu am ieşit în stradă şi la Revoluţie, am fost în clădirea Comitetului Central. Pe acolo era prins câte unul cu trei uniforme pe el şi cu o armă care nu era în dotarea Armatei Române. Fuseseră chemaţi la CC doi procurori militari, Levanovici şi Dan Voinea, la care erau predaţi aceşti oameni. Şi după două ore ăia reţinuţi veneau râzând să le dăm armele înapoi. Să fim serioşi, Dan Voinea nu era străin de scenariul pus în aplicare la Revoluţie. Asta e relevant pentru felul în care s-a ocupat ulterior de „Dosarul Revoluţiei” şi de „Dosarul Mineriadei”.

Interior Minister Tudor Postelnicu at min 6:15:  “Domnule procuror, cu securitatea (,) dumneavoastra stiti cum se lucreaza”

Sergiu Tanasescu (medicul echipei de fotbal Rapid Bucuresti) = S.T.
Ion K. Ion (ziarist, Cuvintul) = I.I.

S.T.: Noi i-am predat organelor de procuratura militara. Pe foarte multi i-am
prins in primele zile, identitatea lor fiind stabilita de mai multi, de
colonelul Octavian Nae, Constantin Dinescu (unchiul lui Mircea), Guse, dar mai
ales Vlad care strig la prinsii astia ca de ce nu i-au ascultat ordinul sa se
predea, ei faceau pe sfintii, dar teava armei era inca destul de calda de la
ispravile lor. Dupa ce suportau interogatoriul acesta sumar, celor mai multi li
se dadea drumul.

I.I.: De ce?

S.T. Asa ordona Vlad. Pe 22 decembrie am prins un maior de securitate care a
fost dezarmat si pus in libertate, a doua zi l-am prins din nou, i-am luat
armamentul si munitia si iarasi Vlad a garantat pentru el, numai ca a treia zi
l-am prins din nou. Ne-am enervat si atunci i-am arestat pe toti, inclusiv pe
Vlad si pe colonelul Nae, cu atit mai mult cu cit pe ultimul il surprinsese o fata de a noastra la subsol I,
unde era Termoficarea, transmitind nu stiu ce la un aparat de emisie-receptie.

“Secretele Revolutiei” (Dan Badea, Expres, 7-13 iunie 1994)

from my “Orwellian…Positively Orwellian” (2006)

Lt. Col. Aurel Dragomir, former commander of the “Nicolae Balcescu” Military Officers School in Sibiu, described in 1994 those killed as “terrorists” in Sibiu in December 1989:

…On the morning of 22 December…I was informed that on the rooftops there were some suspicious persons.  I saw 2-3 people in black jumpsuits.  The Militia told me that they weren’t their people.  At noon there appeared 10 to 15 people in black jumpsuits who opened massive gunfire on the crowds and soldiers. I ordered them to respond with fire.  I headed to the infirmary—the reserve command site, and col. Pircalabescu [head of the Patriotic Guards] called and asked me “why was there gunfire?”  I told him we were being attacked.  He told me to cease fire.  Ilie Ceausescu [Ceausescu’s brother, and an Army General] told me to surrender.  I slammed the telephone down.  Then [Army General] Stanculescu called.  I told him that we are under attack. Stanculescu said to me:  ‘Defend yourselves!’….The attackers had on black jumpsuits under which they had on civilian clothes….Weapons and ammunition that weren’t in the arsenal of the Army were found, guns with silencers were found, that aren’t in the Army’s arsenal….After the events declarations given to the investigating commissions disappeared, notebooks filled with the recordings of officers on duty (ofiterii de serviciu), and a map that noted from which houses gunfire came. The dead who were in jumpsuits and had several layers of clothing were identified:  they were cadre from the Sibiu Interior Ministry (Militia and Securitate)…. (“black jumpsuits” emphases and “weapons and ammunition…” emphasis added; rest in original)[57]

Armata Poporului, “Sub tirul incrucisat…(II)” interviu cu Aurel Dragomir, nr. 46, noiembrie 1990 p. 3.

Less well-known and certainly never acknowledged is the presence of military prosecutor Dan Voinea at the Popesti-Leordeni crematorium near Bucharest on the morning of 20 December 1989.  It has always been something of a mystery–and Voinea’s explanation of the timeline, how he learned of the incineration of demonstrators, etc. has always raised suspicions–why Voinea learned of this and came to investigate this.  It remains unclear why?  Although Baciu clearly had a motive to lie about Voinea, his claim not only that he saw Voinea on the morning of 20 December 1989–and attempted at his trial to address Voinea about it–but that he recognized Voinea precisely because of his previous Securitate service (a sort of unnecessary, stupid giveaway if he were lying), remains plausible.  In that case, it would explain how Voinea “knew” so early and so well about this issue.  I don’t know how to interpret Voinea’s behavior.  Did he feel guilty for his role and attempt to make the best of his presence there?  Did he realize that if he didn’t take control of this investigation that he would eventually be implicated and in a position of much less power to defend himself?  Some combination of both?  What is known, is that Voinea has been less than truthful about many things since, especially about the existence and use of internationally-sanctioned exploding dum-dum bullets…

(my notes of this film below)
19 dec 1991
2:15 Voinea, 20 dec incinerated; 12 january 1990 came there; Muitu Dorel, 4 tomberoanele (not fully truthful)
4:41 Operatiunea Coletele
5:00 clinica nr.1
6:00 from Postelnicu, 23 decembrie
7:22 Postelnicu v. El si Ea tradator, tradatoara?
9:10 Elena in charge
9:16 DIA Buzau involved
10:40 Diaconescu, on orders, not involved of course
11:11 10 of them where were shot, in the hospital?
11:54 Doru Gjraba (?) 12 witnessed things, only shot in foot at Catedrala, dr. Ignat
12:15 lucrator la morga Spitalul Judetean (before or after 22?)
14:00 2 with comsa si necherila two days later ?
15:20 Iosif Emilian (hurried there to cover up his own role? back to the scene of the crime, accidental “hero”)
17:00 Mititelele
20:45 56 corpses (3 not from), Gh. Diaconescu
21:19 Dressler
21:38 ages
23:23 Baciu, still in function after 22, even though sent to trial with Iosif, Ganciu/Bogdanciu?
24:50 Macri, coletele to Ganciu, send me 40
25:18 Ghircoias
26:00 Popovici may not have been informed, Coman and Stanculescu were informed
27:17 Km 36
29:15 Nuta request for new expertiza to be done
(Crematoriu Rotar)
33:40 partial autopsies to remove bullets, bullets missing
34:30 Alexandru Grama
35:00 fas negru
35:30 (tortures…made light re cimitirul saracilor mistakes)
36:30 Hotel Astoria near Gara de Nord
36:50 Led by Col. Baciu
37:45 went with criminalist (date of Baciu’s declaration)
40:00 Iosif Costinas (Freiburg…Slatina cu alti morti, 18-19 decembrie)
41:43 arma Calibru mic (paznici) CAP Freiburg
43:25 gen. napalm
45:00 Iliescu to blame…
46:19 Diaconescu advanced, in charge of investigations (and Voinea)

Colonel Ion Baciu: Pe 20.12.89 la orele 1010 la crematoriu a venit Lt. Col Voinea Dan…pe care-l cunosc intrucit inainte…a lucrat la Departmentul Securitatii Statului, directia cercetari penale.

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[documentary evidence in support of the publication entitled:  Bullets, Lies, and Videotape:  The Amazing, Disappearing Counter-Revolution of December 1989,

strictly personal research, not for reproduction without prior author authorization]

unfortunately, the link is no longer operable here

luckily, Claude 2.0 saved an image from my own initial post of this!

23.01.1990 Declaratie:  Colonel Ion Baciu, șef al Direcției Economice din IGM,

(my thanks to researcher Mircea Munteanu, formerly of the CWIHP at the Woodrow Wilson Center, for helping me with the following transcription)

Pe 20.12.89 la orele 1010 la crematoriu a venit Lt. Col. Voinea Dan [[proc mil — procuror militar]] din D.P.M., pe care-l cunosc intrucit inainte de activare, a lucrat la Departmentul Securitatii Statului, directia cercetari penale.

Era imbracat civil, insotit de un procuror militar in uniforma.  Au discutat cu o femeie, Geta, nu-i stiu numele care i-a spus:  “[[Bine]] ca ati venit.  Toata noaptea au ars aici si [[oamenilor]] le este teama.”  Nu am auzit alte vorbe.  Au discutat cu aceia femeie [[ca. –circa]] 15 minute dupa care au plecat.

Cred ca au fost trimisi acolo fie de Popovici, fie de Diaconescu, pentru a vedea cum decurge incinerarea.

Solicit sa fie audiati Popovici Nicolae, fost procuror general, Diaconescu Gh, adjunctul acestuia si cei doi procurori militari…



from Ion Baciu’s hearing 12 March 1990

Baciu’s courtroom testimony (no reference made to his 23 January 1990 handwritten testimony above) was discussed by Vasile Surcel in the following article:

Iosif Emilian’s lawyer (in September 1991) indeed suggested the involvement of the Prosecutor General in giving the cremations legal cover/legitimacy, hence explaining the presence of Dan Voinea and his colleague at Crematoriul Cenusa on 20 December 1989 (he also references Geta on p. 725).  This is from the seventh volume of “Procesul de la Timisoara” available on the banaterra site.



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