The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989

A Catch-22 December 1989, Groundhog-Day Production. Presenting the Personal Research & Scholarship of Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D.

“In aceeasi zi [17 decembrie 1989], in jurul orei 20,00, inspectorul sef a fost sunat la telefon de general-maior Alexie Stefan–secretar de stat la Ministerul de Interne–care i-a ordonat sa ia masurile transmise la teleconferinta, respectiv sa treaca la inarmarea cadrelor unitatii” (Petrisor Theodor, fost sef Securitatii jud. Sibiu, 1991)

(purely personal views, based on decades of prior research and publication)

I finally (re-)unearthed this. The xerox is from spring 1997, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Library. It cannot settle the argument between Madalin Hodor and Cornel Michalache from 2017 about whether it was actually Iulian Vlad or Nicolae Ceausescu who gave the order to “radically liquidate” protesters. (Hodor reproduced the page from Alexie Stefan’s journal which shows Vlad relaying these words, but it is not clear whose words they were. Still, the words were being relayed by Vlad.) Theodor Petrisor’s letter to the former Securitate mouthpiece Europa published in April 1991–and especially the order from Alexie Stefan quoted in the title above–does cast immense doubt on Alexie Stefan’s claims before the Gabrielescu Senatorial Commission in 1994 in which he claimed he was too sick to do much in December 1989, and consequently, on Mihalache’s clear intent to take Alexie’s 1994 at face value. HODOR MIHALACHE HODOR

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