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Gyorgy Keleti, Hungarian Defense Ministry Spokesman, on Securitate Transmitters, Helicopter Border Violations (Reform, 1990 Januar 12.)

Thanks in particular to the researchers now have access to a lot of Hungarian language media from the time of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, media that otherwise would be difficult to access.

Here, an interview with Hungarian Defense Ministry spokesman Gyorgy Keleti who details once again how Hungarian radio surveillance units along the border were able to intercept and geolocate the signals from Securitate transmitters, how they relayed that information directly to the leadership of the Romanian military at the time, and how, for example, they witnessed the gradual deactivation of these signals from 31 to 19 active sites. Significantly, he also notes that where these signals were stronger, it likely indicated a more significant site, for example, a Securitate base, arms/munitions depot, food storage, or a hiding place, to include bunkers. Finally, he notes the altitude at which Securitate helicopters violated Hungarian airspace in the deep fog of December and how they took evasive measures, recognizing that they had violated the border and then quickly reentering Romanian airspace.

Below the (opposition) Reform magazine article, is a press from late January 1990 and a portion of another interview with Keleti, four years after the events, in which he maintains what he said in January 1990 (he does note the additional problem caused by bird flocks at the time, for those monitoring the airspace). Finally, at the end of this post, a snippet from a new article by Hungarian researcher Istvan Bandi, who (thank you) invokes some previous research from this site, and also the recollections of Tibor Hodicska, who was a press spokesman in the Hungarian Embassy in Bucharest from mid 1988 through the Revolution. Hodicska in a 2014 memoir, which appears largely devoted to other events (most notably the Karoly Grosz- Nicolae Ceausescu meeting in August 1988), claims that the Securitate actively continued to stick with the Ceausescus until they were executed.

I have previously covered the issue of Securitate transmitters extensively on this site, for example:

Nepszabadsag, 1990 Januar 29.

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