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Procurori si decembrie 1989 : “MARIAN VALER: Asistam la ingroparea Revolutiei” EXPRES nr. 33 (septembrie 1990).

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In articolul acesta, se face referiri la demisia procurorului Marian Valer in 1990.  Am postat interviul cu Marian Valer in toamna trecuta.  Ceea ce este intersant, si ceea ce nu ne spune Antonie Popescu, este faptul ca atunci cind Marian Valer a demisionat in 1990, credea in securisti-teroristi si Planul Z-Z…

In legatura cu procurorii care au instrumentat aceste dosare, in afara de Dan Voinea, Antonie Popescu a reamintit cazul procurorului Marian Valer din Satu Mare, care a a fost delegat la Sibiu pentru a face cercetari in legatura cu evenimente din 20 decembrie 1989, si care si-a dat demisia din procuratura in august 1990, printr-o scrisoare publica adresata procurorului general din acea vreme. In scrisoarea respectiva, procurorul acuza ‘’lipsa de cooperare si obstructiile’’ facute de SRI (‘’ca urmare a unui ordin dat de insusi Virgil Magureanu’’, scria Valer), MapN, politie in ancheta pe care o desfasura’’, ‘’profanarea institutiilor reprezentative ale tarii cu persoane corupte, cercetate penal, foste cadre sau colaboratori cu structurile ceausiste’’, accederea in structurile esentiale ale Justitiei ale unor persoane compromise moral, ‘’vinovate de prostituarea justitiei romanesti in perioada dictaturii’’ etc.

from Orwellian Positively Orwellian

Where and From Where Was There Gunfire?

So if there is evidence of ammunition that cannot be accounted for in standard arsenals and of people killed and identified as “dead terrorists”—who clearly do not fit into the standard categories of those killed during the events—what is perhaps the next logical question?  That might be:  where and from where did the gunfire come?

To continue with Sibiu and Lt. Col. Dragomir’s claims, former Prosecutor Marian Valer, who claimed to have “noticed shortly after the publication of his resignation from this position [claiming obstruction] that I was benefiting from the services of the organization of Virgil Magureanu [i.e. the SRI, the Securitate’s institutional successor],” stated in September 1990:

…during the events of December 1989 in Sibiu, the army found a map with the safehouses of the Securitate, around the city’s military units, in which Securitate cadre were to be placed to act against them, in the eventuality of a defection by the army from the Ceausist regime.  Following the investigations conducted, it was determined that from these same houses gunfire was opened on some of these military units, beginning with the afternoon of 22 December 1989, therefore after the overthrow of the dictatorship.  It was also established that, in general, in these respective houses lived former cadre of the Securitate and Militie, who had retired or crossed into reserve status, or informers of the Securitate, and also that, following the outbreak of the antiCeausist demonstrations in Sibiu, at these houses entered cars that had license plates from other counties, for example Constanta, Iasi, [and] Bacau.  Thus upon the [Army unit] U.M. 01512, gunfire was opened from the house at no. 7 Stefan Cel Mare Street…in which lived the families of a former Sibiu Securitate commander and an informer of the Securitate…On U.M. 1606 there was shooting from no. 47 Moldoveanu Street, in which lived a former Militia chief of Sibiu county, while upon U.M. 01080 there was fire from vila Branga [see earlier discussion of this location referencing five mm caliber bullets]…It was determined that the owners of these places were not at home during the events, having left several days earlier, and that in some houses there was no furniture or signs of habitation.  The map of the safehouses of the Securitate and Militie came into possession of Lt. Col. Dragomir, commander of the Sibiu garrison, but when he was asked to present it to the investigatory commission he said he could not find it.[59]

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