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TVR 22 decembrie, Constantin Vaeni: “…s-a tras de catre alti oameni cu cartuse, cu glont (o voce: “de securitate)”

Posted by romanianrevolutionofdecember1989 on August 18, 2011

(a strictly personal observation)

This seems all-too-typical to me.  For all the clips from TVR during the events of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989–in fact, for all the clips including Col. Mihai(l) Lupoi–this is the first time I have seen the following clip with Constantin Vaeni from the early afternoon of 22 December 1989.

It is significant.  Vaeni, in a confused intervention, shows a bullet which he says he was given by a soldier on a tank which he and other civilians rode out from the center…one can only imagine that since the soldier gave him the bullet as evidence that as Vaeni says “others shot,” that this was not in the Army’s arsenal (otherwise it does not make a lot of sense).  So it is important to note, the whole discussion of the bullets used by non-Army forces (Securitate and Militia) began before the “terrorists” ever opened fire and in fact was specifically in discussion to bullets with which demonstrators had been shot the night before in Piata Universitatii (University Square).

Needless to say, the producer of this film (Sange pe Catifea, Cornel Mihalache) is unaware of the significance of this brief scene and doesn’t draw attention to it.

from TVR film “Sange pe catifea” (6b) between 10:00 and 10:30

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