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Revizionism despre cazul MApN 23-24 decembrie ’89: de catre cine si cu ce scop?

Posted by romanianrevolutionofdecember1989 on December 19, 2009

for the broader discussion in English see Doublespeak: The All-Too-Familiar Tales of Nicolae Ceausescu\’s Double

The DIA variant, so dear to the hearts of Ceausescu’s double and his Securitate counterparts, has a long and fabled history. In the early and mid-1990s, it became a favorite of the opposition to the communist successor regime of President Ion Iliescu—an opposition that included many of those who had suffered most under the old regime. (After being voted out in 1996, Iliescu returned to the presidency in the 2000 elections.) In the opposition press, noted journalists such as Ioan Itu and Ilie Stoian at “Tinerama,” Cornel Ivanciuc at “22″ and later at “Academia Catavencu, ” and Petre Mihai Bacanu at “Romania Libera” promoted the DIA thesis at one time or another.

Marius Mioc despre colaborarea cu securitatea a lui Ioan Itu

significantly, Itu didnt just collaborate with just anybody, but–like Sorin Rosca Stanescu–precisely the USLA, from 1978 to 1983 !

The following article, in which Itu exculpated the USLA (Securitate) and attempted to cast blame instead on the DIA (Army)–in part by taking out of context the communication that is recreated–has been used by Denis Deletant, Peter Siani-Davies, and others to suggest how original understandings of the December events were erroneous.  In twenty years, there has not been a single confirmation that at this moment “army units were attacking their own Ministry” as the article suggests.


By the end of 1993, Itu had become a strong proponent of the DIA theory, which had its roots directly in the former Securitate:





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