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Asociatia Memorialul Revolutiei 16-22 decembrie 1989 Timisoara. Centrul National de documentare, cercetare si informare publica privind revolutia din 1989.

Posted by romanianrevolutionofdecember1989 on September 9, 2014

(purely personal views as always, based on two decades of prior research and publications, thank you)

–The contrast between, on the one hand, people who lived these events on the ground twenty-five years ago and have spent years attempting to tell the story of December 1989 and, on the other, the insular, elitist, and utterly disconnected Romanianist community in North America, could not be greater as the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu’s communist regime and the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 approaches.

Just discovered that the Special Issue of the Asociatia Memorialul Revolutiei 16-22 Decembrie 1989 Timisoara (’s journal is now available online (see link above).  My thanks to Marius Mioc for bringing my research to the attention of Gino Rado and for Gino Rado reaching out to me and for the Editorial Board being willing to publish my research.  This edition includes part 1 of my article and I believe part 2 will appear in a later issue of the journal.







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